From 1920 onwards Emile RIPERT successfully held the title of Professorship of Provencal Language and Literary Studies at the Aix-en-Provence University.

In 1921, his broad knowledge on the subject led him to give numerous lectures on the topics and events of The History of Provence ; amongst others they included the works of Mistral, Aubanel, Charloun Rieu, Henry Fabre, Xavier de Fourvières, Roumanille, Jules Charles Roux, Folco de Baroncelli, Alphonse Daudet and Edmond Rostand. He gave very detailed analyses about those complex figures that deeply influenced and defined the Provencal Literature.

Despite his professional activities Emile Ripert remained a poet first and foremost, a poet gifted with a great intellect. « In essence, it is impossible for me to separate my two occupations as I have found a way for them to coexist in harmony within the spirit of the Provencal literature that to me has always stood as both a source of inspiration and an object of erudition. »

He thus spread his passion for Provencal Literature and Speech along with its glory and charm through a series of lectures he gave initially in France, then in Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania, Luxemburg, The United-Kingdom, America and Egypt…

1932 - Émile RIPERT
touring the Provence

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The missing Lecturer, an anecdote from the article "Émile RIPERT: Drama and Poetry? (2)" by Georges Sicard

Organising conferences in Marseilles for “Friends of Literature”, he introduces his audience to some celebrities of the time: Herriot, Duhamel, René Benjamin, Dekobra, Colette, Géraldy… One day Emile Ripert has to introduce Paul Valéry to the audience of the old Science Faculty amphitheatre located in Léon Gambetta alley. Very conscientious Ripert arrives slightly early and feeling a little distracted-minded, as many artists do, ends up on the wrong level of the auditorium staircase. Up there he rings at a closed door. The person who opens happens to be a colleague he had studied with at the lycée Henri IV 25 years ago! They immediately sit down and start chatting, losing track of time in the vertigo of recalling and exchanging memories of their youth…

Meanwhile, Paul Valéry along with Maurice Mignon and Henri Bertrand desperately start to feel useless in front of the impatient growing audience and decide to telephone Ripert at his home. His wife picks up and says: “he left over an hour ago! It should have taken him no more than 10 minutes to get there; he must have had an accident!”

The police, the morgue are called: Ripert is nowhere to be seen! The conference had to start without him with Mignon improvising a presentation…

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